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5. To be eligible for rating a competitor must place in that division in at least two tournaments. They must also have accumulated in excess of 10 points.

6. If a competitor changes divisions during a competition year due to age or rank, they will move up to the new division and carry their points forward if they compete in the higher division before July 1. If they compete in the higher division after July 1, they will continue to accumulate points in the lower division. Lower division points cannot be carried forward into adult Black Belt Ratings.

7. Questions? Contact SWAT.
How SWAT Points Are Earned

1.  Become a current SWAT member by attending a full membership tournament or applying for membership. SWAT members receive registration discounts at most SWAT events.

2.  Place in the top four in any rated division.

3.  Points are awarded based on a 10-point scoring system:
   1st Place = 10 Points
   2nd Place = 8 Points
   3rd Place = 6 Points
   4th Place = 4 Points

4. At the end of the year, points are accumulated in weapons, forms, and fighting divisions. The top 5 in each division are recognized with awards and are "rated" for the next competition year.

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